Reddit denies claims in suit that it allows child pornography

April 26, 2021Media Mention
Daily Journal

Greenberg Glusker litigation partner, Doug Mirell, provided comments to the Daily Journal regarding sex trafficking legislation and claims against Reddit around allowing child pornography on the platform in the article, "Reddit denies claims in suit that it allows child pornography," published on April 26, 2021.


Doug Mirell, a partner at Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP, who is not involved in the Reddit action, said he believes reforms to Section 230 are badly needed, but FOSTA-SESTA might not have been the most efficient way of doing it. Congress didn't do a comprehensive job of limiting immunity these platforms were given, Mirell said. Companies that ought to be worried about how user-generated content is moderated are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, he said.

"But you absolutely can blame the messenger," Mirell noted. "The seminal case that says you can is New York Times v. Sullivan. So the principle that third party content does or should immunize internet platforms is simply a novel notion that created, in my view, a gargantuan problem. So the remedy I'd think, in part, is to either withdraw that immunity entirely or set up a notice and takedown system akin to what exists for copyright infringement."