Sarah Silverman’s Artificial Intelligence Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

July 10, 2023Media Mention
CBS World News Roundup

Litigation partner Doug Mirell, an expert on First Amendment and intellectual property issues, spoke to the CBS World News Roundup about the class-action copyright infringement lawsuits filed by stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman and two other authors against OpenAI and Meta Platforms for training and summarizing their books on these respective companies’ ChatGPT and LLaMa artificial intelligence products.


[Silverman says] her book, titled "The Bedwetter," was used without consent to train artificial intelligence chat bots.  Doug Mirell is a First Amendment lawyer: “If you have a novel that is not in the public domain, people like SparkNotes or CliffsNotes would have had to obtain a license in order to summarize it.”