Twitter Removed The Option To Report Tweets For Violating Its Civic Integrity Policy

March 7, 2021Media Mention
Grit Daily

Greenberg Glusker litigation partner Doug Mirell provided commentary to Grit Daily concerning Twitter’s civic integrity policy and the relationship of such policies to the ongoing debate over reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.


“Twitter’s civic integrity policy, like its other rules and guidelines, serve at least two primary purposes. First, they seek to demonstrate that Twitter is a good corporate citizen. Second, and more important, they represent stop-gap measures that seek to forestall any meaningful congressional reconsideration of the blanket immunity that it and all other social media platforms have enjoyed since their inception. Particularly in the wake of the January 6th insurrection, all social media platforms that want to preserve their legal unaccountability for the messages their users post would be well advised to adopt and scrupulously enforce similar civic integrity policies."

From a free speech perspective, it remains inequitable and ultimately unsustainable that internet platforms enjoy blanket immunity for user-generated content that would result in liability exposure if published by traditional print and broadcast media. This is an issue that has and should have broad bipartisan support since there is no reason to believe that the immunity afforded by Section 230 favors or disfavors only one side of the political/ideological spectrum."

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