WGA Seeks Support From Managers And Lawyers As Showdown With Agents Looms

February 27, 2019Media Mention
Deadline Hollywood

The WGA is reaching out to managers and lawyers who represent writers as the guild prepares to order its members to leave their agents if a deal for a new franchise agreement isn’t reached with the Association of Talent Agents by April 6. The guild will be holding informational meetings with managers tomorrow and next Tuesday, and with talent lawyers – one or two per firm – at its offices on Friday. The guild has also offered to resume talks with the ATA either today or tomorrow, but there’s no word yet on that.

“It’s difficult to see where the give is,” said Dan Stone, an attorney at the entertainment law firm Greenberg Glusker. Formerly assistant general counsel at the Directors Guild, he specializes in guild agreements, including guild agreements with the ATA.