Will Biden’s Antitrust Team Slow the Media Merger Frenzy?

January 24, 2022Media Mention
The Wrap Pro

Entertainment Partner, Sky Moore, shared commentary with The Wrap Pro regarding scrutiny that Amazon is receiving for it's acquisition of MGM as the Biden administration is playing close attention to antitrust concerns.


“Amazon is ‘too big’ so both sides of the aisle are taking a swing."

“It’s just politically expedient. It’s the dumbest antitrust objection of all time, because there’s obviously no horizontal monopoly going on. If Amazon was buying Walmart or something, I would get it, but for them to buy MGM — they’re just attempting to compete with the volume and library that Disney and Netflix have.”

“They’re not going to be the only ones doing this,” Moore said. “Apple better get its act together and go buy a library because it doesn’t have any depth. That’s vertical integration, not horizontal integration and antitrust should only be aimed at horizontal integration. [...]”

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