Hollywood’s Obsession With Bad Founders Makes For Great TV

March 24, 2022Media Mention

Jesse Saivar, Chair of Greenberg Glusker's Intellectual Property and Digital Media & Technology Groups, shares his expertise in a recent dot.LA article regarding free speech within the entertainment industry. The article discusses Hollywood's TV trend of combining reality with fiction, specifically with a focus on the rise and fall of tech moguls. From Hulu to Apple TV, streaming services aren't wasting any time hopping on this hot trend because these real-life stories make for epic TV content when some fictional drama is sprinkled in. How are shows able to twist storylines so freely? Directly because, the First Amendment allows anyone the right to make content about true events as long as it isn't intentionally defamatory.


“No one has a right to any facts, but you can have a right in the way you describe how those facts went down,” said Jesse Saivar, a digital media and IP attorney for Los Angeles-based law firm Greenberg Glusker. “Even if that meeting actually happened, the author of the nonfiction work still put something in to make it a dramatic scene.”

“When someone's making a show around public events, they have quite a bit of leeway to tell the story,” Saivar said.