NITA Deposition Skills: Los Angeles

March 11, 2024
DLA Piper LLP - Century City Office

Litigation Counsel, Vishwanath "Vish" Mohan, will be teaching deposition skills for NITA at DLA Piper LLP from March 11-12, 2024.

The lectures and demonstrations will provide a solid base of knowledge and familiarity with deposition practice. Some of the skills Vish will discuss:

  • Use the Funnel Technique to exhaust a witness’s knowledge
  • Identify other potential sources of information
  • Close off avenues of escape
  • Work with documents and exhibits to gather information, refresh memory, and impeach a witness
  • Test your potential theories—legal, factual, and persuasive
  • Deal with opposing counsel’s objections
  • Manage difficult witnesses, counsel, and clients
  • Become “comfortable with being uncomfortable” in the unpredictability of a deposition