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Name: Lisa McCurdy

Profession: Shareholder – Greenberg Traurig

I don’t often hear attorneys, especially litigators, described as a “class act.” And yet, that’s the term that comes to mind when I think of Lisa. For me to introduce her to you as a “class act” is saying a lot considering the fact that when I first met her, our clients were on opposite sides of a heavily-litigated case. Long after resolving our case, Lisa and I stayed in touch largely because neither one of us engaged in toxic interactions largely prevalent in the litigation world. For instance, whereas I have seen other opponents reject an alternative analysis of a case outright, Lisa would calmly ask, “can you walk me through your analysis?” Her approach invited a discussion rather than a fruitless debate.

Interviewing Lisa for this blog and learning more about her explains her litigation style. For example, Lisa believes that there is a time and place for being tough and the fact that she chooses to be “nice” does not mean she is a pushover.  Lisa recalls an instance where her first boss told her she was “too nice to be a lawyer.” This stereotypical comment may have pushed some to adopt a different approach, but Lisa stayed true to her own belief that it is far better to be “kind, professional, and stable.” 

On a personal note, Lisa was raised by a single mom who worked two jobs to raise Lisa and her sibling. Reflecting on her childhood, Lisa believes that her mother led by example and showed Lisa what hard work and grit can accomplish. Today, Lisa is continuing that tradition by showing her kids that they too can be an accomplished professional and juggle the mandates of raising children.

Lisa is an advocate for other women and co-chairs her firm’s Women’s Initiative. She believes in the power of “arming women with their value.” This means more than offering professional guidance and mentorship to younger women at her firm. It means also delving into topics not often discussed like the importance of women tuning into reproductive health and overall wellness. By addressing issues that are still somewhat taboo, Lisa creates a safe space for a more diverse and inclusive workplace.  It takes a true Force of Nature to be able to do that.

Learn more about Lisa here.

Author: Benny Roshan, Chair of Greenberg Glusker's Trust and Probate Litigation Group

Photographer: Hemali Zaveri

Categories: Forces of Nature