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Name: Pantea Yashar

Profession: Associate Professor of Law (Southwestern Law School) & Counsel (Ervin Cohen & Jessup)

It is rare when I meet an attorney who, after 20 years in the business, feels inspired to take on an additional and significant role professionally. In Pantea’s case, that’s exactly what happened. After building a successful career as a commercial litigation partner (with a specialty in real estate), Pantea decided to take on another title: professor. While many in our profession understandably lose a little steam, Pantea decided to leverage her expertise in the field to educate and train the next generation of lawyers. This fall she began teaching Legal Analysis, Writing, and Skills (“LAWS”) at Southwestern Law School. Pantea’s decision to teach LAWS, as opposed to another subject, was thoughtful and deliberate. Like many of us, Pantea understands that effective legal analysis and writing are critical to the success of every practicing attorney. All lawyers must know how to research, write, and speak in a way that persuades. Indeed, the sooner a budding lawyer is able to master these foundational skills, the more effective an advocate that attorney can be for their clients. While contested hearings, contentious depositions, and trials come with appealing adrenaline highs, the foundational skills integral to advocacy are what distinguish exceptional lawyers from the rest and sustain a lawyer’s career long-term. Students who filter through Pantea’s classes will have the good fortune of being enriched by the decades she spent in the trenches and the wisdom she gained in the process. Cheers to her new adventure!

Learn more about Pantea here and here.

Author: Benny Roshan, Chair of Greenberg Glusker's Trust and Probate Litigation Group

Photographer: Hemali Zaveri

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