Are Consumers Savvy About “Carbon Neutral” and “Green” Energy Marketing Claims?

January 1, 2018Client Alert
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The  Federal  Trade  Commission  (“FTC”)  recently  announced that it will undertake a review of its Guides  for  the  Use  of  Environmental  Marketing  Claims  (“Green  Guides”) to account for the growing array of “green”  energy  marketing  claims,  including  those  relating  to  carbon “offsets,” carbon neutrality, or “reducing your  carbon  footprint.”  If  your  business  advertises  or  otherwise  makes  claims  relating  to  greenhouse  gas  reductions,  renewable energy certificates (“RECs”), or  other opportunities for consumers who buy your goods  or services to “offset” or neutralize carbon emissions,  you  will  want  to  monitor  the  Green  Guides’  review  process.