As Law Firm Retreats Go Virtual, Here's How to Keep Them Effective

September 7, 2021Media Mention
The American Lawyer

Director of Marketing, Sheenika Gandhi, shared her insights regarding virtual retreats and the impact they have on re-inforcing firm culture with The American Lawyer. In the article, Sheenika shares the positive experience of hosting a virtual leadership retreat aimed towards increasing transparency between committees at the firm in March. The retreat planning committee put together a 'mystery box' filled with the attorneys' favorite snacks so that each could enjoy them during the meeting. 


"The purpose was to bring together the heads of each committee (a committee of committees!) to discuss what their committee does, discuss two to three goals for the year and how they will accomplish them, and name one to two other committees they would like to collaborate with this year. It allowed the firm to increase transparency on what each committee was working on. 

"In the sign-up form, we asked each committee leader to provide the 􀀁rm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) and provided everyone a summary of the responses prior to the meeting so they could align their goals on this feedback. 

"During the meeting, we played music from our internally famous ‘GG Good Mood Playlist’ and had a short breakout room (randomized) to provide an opportunity to connect with other attorneys.

"I had one of my team members take notes throughout the two-hour retreat and we are now working on action items to bring various committees together to break down the silos that often exist within a law firm.”

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