Board Retreat Basics: Management at Lief Organics takes time out to assess market and industry trends

February 18, 2019Media Mention
San Fernando Valley Business Journal

For the first time in 10-year history, Valencia-based Lief Organics orchestrated a leadership retreat last month to discuss its values and mission, and how the dietary supplement manufacturer wants to position itself in the market.

Board members, executives and managers came together Jan. 29 to take a hard look at Lief's goals and strategies, and how closely those align with the industry and larger economic trends.
"We talked about what was relevant, but 1 guess the most important thing was Lief Organics being an innovative developer of products for the nutrition industry," said Adel Villalobos, Lief's founder and chief executive. "The industry looks at us as having strong industry knowledge. It also looks to us for product innovation and it looks to us for strength in quality and regulatory compliance."

Lief manufactures powders, flavors, ingredients, capsules and tablets for nutritional supplements and natural foods. The company has capacity to make 5 million capsules a day.