In Britney Spears’ Conservatorship, Who Holds Attorney-Client Privilege Is Key

October 20, 2021Media Mention
The Hollywood Reporter

Probate, Trusts & Estate Litigation Chair, Benny Roshan, shared her legal perspective with The Hollywood Reporter regarding a pending document review that will allow Britney and her team to move closer to ensuring that Jamie faces liability for any and all wrongdoings that transgressed over the course of the conservatorship. The key in this remains the document turnover process and the task of deciphering what is and is not privileged information. While information about personal liability is privileged and the administration of the conservatorship is not, the lines begin to get blurred because the same attorney is involved in both components and payment is being administered from conservatorship funds.


“Best case scenario is Jamie turns over everything and Britney’s camp reviews it and decides what additional claims she may want to bring,”

“There have been smoke signals on these issues that make a reasonable person think a fight is coming, especially since Britney has made it clear there’s going to be a top to bottom review of the record and Jamie is not going to escape liability by trying now to do the right thing.”

“Upon his suspension, Jamie must turn over all conservatorship files and documents to the interim conservator of the estate including privileged communications.”

“The holder of the attorney-client privilege is now Zabel and, unless Jamie can show he is entitled to withhold certain defensive documents from production, he must turn them over.”

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