Inner City Law Center Recognizes James Molen as Pro Bono Champion of the Month

July 6, 2023Press Release
Inner City Law Center

Litigation Partner, James Molen, was recognized by Inner City Law Center as "Pro Bono Champion" of the month. A few years ago, James worked with a client who was facing a severe tax burden that she was unable to pay for. Not only did James help to find a creative solution that minimized her debt, he also helped negotiate a payment structure that was feasible for her. 

"Witnessing firsthand the stress that this relieved, it was if a dark cloud had lifted. It was truly an honor to know that I had even a small part to play in helping her move beyond the past and into a much brighter future."

"For me, pro bono work brings a sense of personal fulfillment not found elsewhere by using my skills and expertise to help those in need. Not only does it allow me to give back to the community, but I believe it creates a ripple effect of positive change in society."

James, a longstanding advocate of ICLC's clients, has been volunteering with the organization since 2018.