Lawyer: Here's the unanswered question of Britney Spears' conservatorship fight

September 10, 2021Media Mention
Yahoo! Finance

Probate, Trusts, & Estates Litigation Chair, Benny Roshan, shared insight with Yahoo! Finance regarding Jamie Spears' formally moving to end the conservatorship arrangement. While Benny shares that things are looking up, she questions whether Britney will receive full accountability for the abuses that transpired during the course of the conservatorship. The answer to that lies in the response to the termination petition, which will ultimately be decided by Britney's legal team.


"But the real question for me is how will Britney's attorneys respond to this petition in a way that actually gets Britney the full relief that she wants? Is there going to be accountability?" Roshan asked.

"Now that Britney's dad has filed for the conservatorship to end, what is this additional thing that is going to add that accountability for the abuses that occurred throughout the course of the conservatorship?" she questioned.

"Getting justice for Britney will now have to be accelerated," she continued.

"So far, everything has been all talk. Now people are going to have to walk the walk," she added.

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