Lompoc Cannabis Lab Averts a Shutdown Order…for Now

October 7, 2023Media Mention
Santa Barbara Independent

Environmental Partner, Noah Perch-Ahern, spoke to the Santa Barbara Independent, about client Central Coast Agriculture, a large cannabis manufacturing lab in Lompoc. Noah and the Greenberg Glusker team assisted Central Coast in avoiding a shutdown order this week. 


Noah Perch-Ahern, a lawyer for Central Coast, said the company plans to flare off emissions from the solvents it uses in manufacturing, effectively “turbo-boosting” its pollution control systems. It could take about seven months for the flare to be built and shipped from Italy, he said.

“We’re really close to the finish line,” Perch-Ahern said, adding that the company hopes to have a final permit in hand by Dec. 6.  “… This project is going to set the standard and create a model in Santa Barbara County. This is not just a sad story. There’s actually really a lot of good that’s going to come out of this.”

“It’s a case where technology outpaces regulation,” Perch-Ahern told the district Hearing Board.