Woman Accused of Murdering Her Husband Sues His Estate

June 28, 2023Media Mention

Probate, Trusts & Estates Litigation Chair, Benny Roshan, shared her insights with WealthManagement.com regarding Kouri Richins initiating legal action against her husband's estate, and highlighting the complex intersection of criminal accusations and inheritance rights.


“Law school criminal law makes much of mens rea (motive) as a critical element of a crime,” said Benny Roshan, chair of Greenberg Glusker's Trust and Probate Litigation Group in Los Angeles, “and in Richins' case, given the developing facts surrounding her husband’s death, we can’t rule out that money may have been a motivating factor in the homicide. Certainly, the fact that Richins’ civil lawsuit makes no mention of the murder charges against her would give rise to that suspicion.”