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Streaming has turned film financing 'upside down': 'It's VOD or die,' says lawyer

May 23, 2022Media Mention
Yahoo Finance

Entertainment Partner, Schuyler Moore, shared his commentary with Yahoo Finance discussing the effects of streaming on independent film makers. Although streaming providers can help finance films, creators have to give up nearly all control over their production when choosing to go the VOD route. The rise of streaming services has placed more importance on distribution, as opposed to content.


"Theaters are completely dead other than for blockbusters with $100- to $200-million budgets," said Schuyler Moore.

"Those types of films will go out to theaters, but no way the independent [films] will," he continued, emphasizing that film financing has turned "completely upside down" amid the streaming boom.

"It's streamer or die" in today's VOD-focused world, Moore said.

"You should be able to get a film sold somewhere if you've got a track record."