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April 22, 2022Article Poking Holes in CDA Section 230 Immunity
The Daily Journal published an article authored by litigation partner Doug Mirell entitled “Poking Holes...
Daily Journal
March 3, 2022Media Mention Did Ye’s revenge music video go too far?
Doug Mirell, a litigation partner with extensive First Amendment experience, shares his commentary with the Los...
Los Angeles Times
February 2, 2022Media Mention Expert: Palin V. NYT Could Change Free Press
Litigation Partner and First Amendment expert, Doug Mirell, shared his legal perspective with Associated Press...
Associated Press
November 1, 2021Media Mention What Podcasters Need To Know About Fair Use
Doug Mirell, a Greenberg Glusker litigation partner with extensive First Amendment experience, shares his perspective regarding...
March 12, 2021Media Mention Amazon Won't Sell Anti-Trans Books
First Amendment & Litigation Partner, Doug Mirell, was interviewed by TMZ Live with Harvey Levin and Charles...
TMZ Live
January 21, 2021Media Mention Judge Refuses to Order Amazon to Host Parler
Greenberg Glusker litigation partner Doug Mirell provided commentary to The Recorder  regarding Parler's antitrust... | The Recorder