Ira M. Steinberg

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Litigation Experience

Corporate & Shareholder Disputes

  • Represented technology company and high net worth investor in separation from a high-profile CEO.
  • Successfully defended an entertainer from fraud and breach of contract claims arising from the breakup of a business partnership.
  • Represented founder of real estate investment partnership in a dispute with investors.  After a two-week arbitration, obtained a complete defense verdict for the founder.
  • Represented one of two business partners in a complex business divorce involving contested ownership of the business’s key patent.
  • Handled multiple disputes involving partners who contributed non-capital assets to a business (intellectual property or other forms of labor) to negotiate proper compensation from capital partners. 
  • In probate and family law cases where ownership or control of a business is at stake, represented individuals on the business issues in conjunction with probate and family law counsel.

Digital Media & Technology Litigation

  • Prevailed in arbitration over ownership of software in a complex dispute with a foreign software development partner. 
  • Defended and resolved Americans with Disabilities Act website-based claims on behalf of high-profile restaurants, e-commerce vendors, medical and biotech firms, and real estate companies.
  • Defended and resolved claims against e-commerce vendors under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act arising from text-message marketing practices.

International Litigation

  • Part of a trial and appellate team that secured a unanimous trial and then appellate victory in the Singapore International Commercial Court. The judgment, which was then affirmed on appeal, resulted in a finding that a trust valued at over $40M was beneficially owned by the client.
  • Represented designer and manufacturer of commercial technology in international arbitration against former joint venture partner. Prevailed in obtaining ownership of the disputed software.

General Business Litigation

  • Successfully obtained a writ of attachment and then summary adjudication of all tenant’s defenses in commercial landlord-tenant dispute arising out of COVID-era health regulations.
  • Represented client in a dispute with the buyer of client’s business over sums due under a sale agreement. The buyer filed for declaratory relief and the client prevailed in defeating nearly all of the buyer’s affirmative claims.
  • Extensive experience litigating first-party and third-party insurance coverage actions for executives accused of misconduct, indemnity claims in the construction sector, coverage and indemnity claims for commercial and residential landlords, and claims arising out of complex financial, securities, and mortgage fraud.
  • Successfully handled several Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) and California’s Unfair Competition Law (UCL) claims for consumer-facing brands, including in the consumer packaged goods sector.
  • Obtained a favorable settlement in a trademark and unfair competition dispute between a high-profile New York restaurant and a competitor.
  • Represented multiple businesses in contractual disputes and unfair competition claims against governmental and quasi-governmental agencies.
  • Litigated multiple matters arising out of commercial and residential real estate disputes, including commercial real property sale disputes, commercial landlord-tenant disputes, and residential construction disputes.
  • Litigated insurance coverage dispute arising out of qui tam litigation brought against Southern California municipal entity.

Entertainment & High-Profile Litigation

  • Successfully moved to stay an international music licensing dispute in favor of an action in an international forum on the basis of the doctrine of international abstention. Charly Holdings, Inc. v. Curtom Classics, LLC, 2018 WL 6254586 (N.D. Ga. 2018).
  • Representing a high-profile special effects company in a dispute over the failure of film development business with investors.
  • Represented parties in high-profile litigation concerning the mental competency of Sumner M. Redstone and control over Viacom, Inc.
  • Litigated a high-profile matter arising out of a disputed sale of property by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to pop-singer Katy Perry.