Representative Experience

  • Routinely oversee daily operational employment issues for a variety of employer clients of all sizes and in all industries.
  • Provide on-site training of managers on minimizing employment liability, from the hiring process through termination. We also offer a two-hour comprehensive interactive workshop for all supervisors on identifying and preventing sexual harassment that satisfies all requirements of California law.
  • Collaborate and proactively counsel our clients in formulating customized personnel policies, including employee handbooks, employment applications, executive contracts, commission agreements, consulting agreements and independent contractor agreements.
  • Ensure that our clients’ wage and hour and payroll practices, including classification of employees as exempt and non-exempt from overtime laws, are in full compliance with state and federal laws.
  • Protect confidentiality and minimize employment liability of high net worth and high profile clients, especially in relation to their domestic and personal employees.
  • Coordinate investigations of workplace impropriety, including theft, sexual harassment and other employee misconduct.
  • Counsel and represent employers with respect to all aspects of the laws of trade secrets and unfair competition, including such issues as misuse of proprietary information by former employees, enforceability of noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements and interference with contracts and business relationships.
  • Provide ongoing advice to our clients in all the critical areas of employment law.  These include compliance with wage and hour laws, COBRA, state and federal discrimination laws, all federal and state leave of absence laws, sick leave and pregnancy discrimination and leave issues.  Additional areas of practice include counsel on conflict of interest policies, non-solicitation policies, covenants not to compete, independent contractor classification, severance agreements, and negotiation of severance packages and exit agreements for highly compensated executives.  Our attorneys also handle issues involving vacation and other benefits, obligations concerning tips and gratuities, commission structures, internet concerns, leased employees, recruitment and hiring, recordkeeping and posting requirements, drug testing, negligent hiring and retention, the WARN Act and other issues relating to the purchase and sale of a company, layoff and downsizing matters, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and background checks, and workplace violence matters.