A Top Law Firm Where Culture Reigns Supreme And Attorney Happiness Comes First

November 3, 2023Media Mention
Above the Law

Greenberg Glusker LLP was featured in Above the Law for its commitment to creating a workplace where attorneys are valued as individuals, and where their well-being and personal milestones are celebrated and recognized as integral parts of the firm's culture.


According to Nicole Kosoff, the firm’s employee engagement coordinator, Greenberg Glusker “prioritizes getting to know its team members as whole humans, not just working professionals.” How does the firm go about doing that? Kosoff continued, saying, “By supporting employee interests and celebrating personal milestones unrelated to work, the firm provides avenues through which co-workers can uncover commonalities, such as – in the case of a baby shower – the experience of being a new parent. Even more, it communicates to team members being supported or celebrated that they are seen and appreciated for more than what they contribute professionally.”