Ryan D. Webb

Fax 310-201-1794

Representative Experience

  • Film and Television: Facilitated complex film and television production and licensing deals, handling rights acquisitions, talent contracts, and distribution agreements for a variety of entertainment projects, including several Academy Award nominated films.

  • Film Financing and Distribution: Structured single picture and slate financing and distribution arrangements for independent filmmakers, securing financing deals and navigating theatrical, streaming, and downstream distribution channels.
  • Talent Representation: Acted as a trusted advisor and legal representative for a diverse range of talent, including actors, musicians, directors, producers, and content creators, securing favorable terms for talent compensation, creative control, and ancillary rights.
  • Unscripted Programming: Provided comprehensive legal counsel to production companies and individuals involved in unscripted reality television programming, navigating issues related to defamation and privacy.
  • Book Publishing: Extensively advised authors on book publishing agreements across various genres and negotiated favorable terms for authors, ensuring fair advances, royalties, and subsidiary rights, while protecting their creative control and intellectual property.
  • Digital Media and Influencer Partnerships: Played a pivotal role in negotiating and structuring partnerships between influencers, content creators, and digital media platforms. Crafted influencer marketing agreements that covered a spectrum of industries, from beauty and fashion to tech and lifestyle, ensuring compliance with advertising regulations and disclosure requirements.
  • Executive Agreements: Negotiated and structured executive employment agreements on behalf of top-tier executives within the entertainment industry, securing competitive compensation packages, including base salaries, bonuses, stock options, and performance-based incentives.
  • IP Protection: Advised clients on copyright, trademark, and intellectual property matters, including the registration and enforcement of rights, to safeguard their creative works and brands.
  • Licensing and Merchandising: Assisted clients in monetizing their intellectual property through licensing agreements, merchandise deals, and endorsements with major brands.
  • Corporate Structuring: Provided legal counsel to entrepreneurs and startups in the entertainment industry, guiding them through entity formation, funding, and contractual relationships.
  • Guild Compliance: Proficiently navigated the complex landscape of entertainment guilds (SAG, WGA, DGA) and their respective collective bargaining agreements on behalf of both members and signatory companies.