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SKIPSO: New Online Resource for Cleantech Companies and Investors Alike

For companies, investors, executives and service providers looking to make their mark in the cleantech and sustainable energy arena, there is a new website, which serves to connect fellow green-minded thinkers in the same way that LinkedIn has connected millions of users since its launch in 2003.

The site not only has a “My Skipso” platform which allows you to build your network of cleantech professionals, but also has a community/interactive component that allows you to view upcoming cleantech events, join an online “think tank” and post questions and comments on topics relevant to your business or area of expertise. Perhaps most importantly for start-up ventures and investors looking to enter the global cleantech marketplace, the site also has a funding platform that looks to connect investors with entrepreneurs. Of course, what would a new technology website be without a twitter feed. For up to the minute cleantech news you can also follow Skipso at

As with all free online resources, Skipso’s content and recommendations are only as good as its founders and members. Companies and investors should not use Skipso as a substitute for their own due diligence and consultation with licensed professionals when appropriate. New regulations applicable to cleantech companies and investors, tax incentives available in this space, and guidance regarding the various laws that apply to sustainable ventures looking for start-up funding or ready to go public are best addressed by attorneys who have experience in these fields.

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