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Category: Vapor Intrusion

Here at Last! DTSC’s 2022 Vapor Intrusion Advisory

Last month, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (“DTSC”) issued its long-awaited “Vapor Intrusion Update” (“Advisory”) which is intended to guide the selection of attenuation factors (“AFs”) at contaminated sites overseen by DTSC. For folks frantically Googling the term “attenuation factors,” I’ll save you some time: attenuation factors are...

California issues draft guidance for vapor intrusion to indoor air

California environmental agencies recently issued a draft vapor intrusion guidance document that will significantly impact the investigation and remediation of environmentally impacted properties by owners, operators and potential buyers. The guidance document will also impact real estate deals and development involving those properties. The California State Water Resources Control...

SF Regional Board attempts to clarify vapor intrusion approach

The San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board recently issued a  fact sheet  summarizing changes to its approach to remediating environmental impacts and mitigating vapor intrusion (VI) at properties impacted with volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  This follows a January 2019  update  to the Board’s vapor intrusion environmental screening levels—which...