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Update on Simitian’s Renewable Energy Bill: Governor Brown signs bill requiring 33% of utilities’ power come from renewable energy sources

In February, we reported that Sen. Joe Simitian’s (D-Palo Alto) bill, known as SBX1 2, passed the California State Senate. As expected, it was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown last month after having also passed the State Assembly on March 29th with a vote of 55-19. The law requires that 33% of the power that California utilities provide to their customers come from solar, wind and other qualified renewable sources by the year 2020. The bill was signed at a ceremony at a solar manufacturing plant in Milpitas on April 12th.

In a press release from the Simitian’s office the state senator said “I’m gratified that the Governor has confirmed California’s long term commitment to clean green energy […] This bill establishes California as the national leader in the use and development of renewable energy. The new law will stimulate the economy and improve the environment, while protecting ratepayers from excessive costs.”

With the bill’s passage may come an increase in investment in the renewables industry. Wind, solar and other renewable energy companies may become more likely to plant their roots in California now that this law has created more certainty in the marketplace. As Simitian stated in his press release, “Senate Bill 2X sends a signal to renewable energy providers that California wants them here. They will respond, as they have in the past, with billions of dollars in investments that will provide jobs and tax revenues.”

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