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Beyond Business as Usual—Return-to-Work Checklist For Employers

May 6, 2020Client Alert

Employers everywhere are turning their attention to resuming business and allowing their employees to “return to work.” However, as they recognize, developing a return-to-work plan is no easy task.

Several weeks ago, the CDC issued a three-part plan for re-opening businesses, only to quickly take it down while it and other arms of the federal government draft new plans for general businesses and for specific sectors and industries, such as restaurants, schools, and churches, in light of rapidly changing information.

Because guidelines by local and state governments in California are still in the preliminary stages and workers’ compensation and general liability insurance carriers may also recommend best practices for allowing employees to return to work, this checklist provides preliminary guidance of general processes and safeguards which we anticipate will be recommended, if not mandated, when official recommendations and orders for returning to work are issued.

Key goals of implementation should be safety, communication, and flexibility. Employers should assure employees that they can report concerns about their own medical conditions and health concerns, company safety policies, and/or the conditions of the workplace or of other workers without fear of retaliation.