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Valentine’s Day Reminder – California Employer Edition

Yes, this is a reminder that Valentine’s Day is coming up. 

In addition to making dinner reservations and buying loved ones flowers, California employers have the added responsibility of complying with the newly enacted Business & Professions Code Section 16600.1 which says, among other things:

For current employees, and for former employees who were employed after January 1, 2022, whose contracts include a noncompete clause, or who were required to enter a noncompete agreement, that does not satisfy an exception to this chapter, the employer shall, by February 14, 2024, notify the employee that the noncompete clause or noncompete agreement is void.

This notice must be sent to each employee and former employee individually (by both mail and email) by…February 14, 2024.

If you need help evaluating your contracts to determine if they trigger this notice requirement, or help drafting the notice, please reach out to a member of our Employment Law Group:

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